Our philosophy

MALIO’ s vision is to become an important player for solid waste management systems in Madagascar.

In addition, MALIO wishes to contribute to healthier environments in Madagascar, create employment opportunities, expand its social and ecological activities and contribute to the sustainable development of the country.


We have been operational since the start of 2021 and we are building on the experience of WHH-Toliara and Nvumabaranda Waste Management Company in Zambia.


MALIO aims to create healthier environments for healthier people and have a positive impact on the environment by recycling waste into sustainable products.

Circular economy

Our products are made from waste collected in Toliara and are sold locally. This allows MALIO to respect short production and delivery ways and thus limit it’s our carbon impact.

Employment creation and gender equality

At MALIO, we believe that employment is a prerequisite for sustainable development, poverty reduction and healthier lives. We want to create employment opportunities in Toliara and beyond. In addition, MALIO strives for be an equal opportunity employer for gender and lower skilled staff.

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Who are we?

We are a private company managing the collection of urban waste and the ‘Waste Storage and Recylcing Center’ of the city of TOLIARA following the signing of a Private Public Partnership (PPP) in 2021 with the municipality.

Our goal is to make Toliara the cleanest city in Madagascar and replicate its success in other cities. As an environmental, economic and social company, MALIO‘s vision is to be an indispensable player in the solid waste management system in Madagascar.

What are our activities?

Our process :

Waste collection. Since 2021, MALIO is the new service provider for the urban waste collection of the city of Toliara.
Management of the « Waste Storage and Recycling Center ».  MALIO is responsible for the ‘Waste Storage and Recycling Center’, including the management of the landfill according to the standards of the Malagasy National Environment Organization.
Recycling of waste into finished products. With a view of extending the lifetime of the landfill, MALIO recycles most of the waste (plastics, green waste, etc.) into finished products such as fertilizer, eco-briquettes, concrete building bricks, pavement stones, etc.
Provision of waste management services. In order to facilitate local businesses and individuals to reduce their environmental footprint, MALIO offers waste management services directly from the customer to the ‘Waste Storage and Recycling Center’ while guaranteeing upholding of environmental standards for waste treatment.

1. Collection of urban waste

Collection of urban waste


Administration of the « Waste Storage and Recylcing Center »

3. Valorization of waste into finished products

Fertilize, eco-briquette, Concrete building bricks, Pavement stones,…

4. Waste Management Services

From the customer to the ‘Waste Storage and Recycling Center’ …to guarantee the environmental standards of waste treatment!

Our statistics !


380 000 residents


2 000 tonnes / Month

Waste Storage and Recycling Center

6 hectares





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